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Creative Enterprises Studio

A Premier Publishing Services Group


Creative Enterprises Studio is a community of seasoned publishing professionals, specializing in the production of top quality books for the trade and individuals. Together we offer more than one hund...

In addition to writing books, Mary serves as president and publisher for a premier publishing services group. Together, the members of Creative Enterprises Studio have assisted traditional publishers, ministries, churches, companies, and individuals in publishing literally hundreds of top-quality books. For an overview of the books and products they have helped produce, as well as the services you can use, please visit the Creative Enterprises website.

Let Us Help

You Publish Your Book Too!

Creative Enterprises Studio is proud to be an active member of the Christian Booksellers Association and connected with many best-selling authors and top Christian publishers. It has been our honor to assist them in producing their books and products for more than thirty years.

We are also happy to be members of the Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) and to participate in spreading the gospel through the print medium.

If you are looking for help in bringing your book to the market, whether you're a publisher, agent, acquisitions editor, ministry leader, pastor, CEO, or author, we hope you will consider our team's extensive experience and long-standing good name in the Christian publishing industry. We believe our work speaks for itself; so we invite you to visit our website.

Jo Simpson and I had a wonderful conversation today. To learn that her book [The Person Besides the Bed] is being publishing by CES is a delight! You definitely have raving fans, and we're two among the many. Thank you for continuously pouring into life. You have made an indescribable, immeasurable, and unforgettable difference.n entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

--Dr. Sheila Bailey

Author of Makeovers with Leftovers

Sheila B Ministries, Dallas, Texas