Mary Hollingsworth - A Ministry of Joy and Encouragement
A Diversity of Praise

Praise can be expressed in a variety of ways. So this album includes a delightful collection of accompanied and a cappella songs. It's a splash of patriotic, glimmers of Christmas and Easter, even a little country western . . .
and altogether Christian.

In her rich contralto voice, Mary Hollingsworth, celebrates the Great Creator--the God of diversity!


The Publishing Dictionary
An Informal, Easy-to-Understand Reference

It's a fact: today's publishing world is complicated and technical. The biggest challenge for newcomers trying to navigate the publishing industry, or even for thos who work in it every day, is to learn the special language spoken by publishing professionals.

In The Publishing Dictionary you will find:

  • More than 350 publishing terms and phrases
  • Cross-referenced entries
  • Terms specific to Christian publishing
  • Definitions in easy-to-understand language
  • A brief history of publishing

An invaluable, must-have tool!
Get your copy today and learn to speak publishing as a pro!

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