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Get the Answers You Need

about Publishing Your Book!

   2022 International Book Awards

              What Readers Are Saying . . .

This is a handbook that should be on every author's bookshelf. The layout makes it an easy reference to answer the questions you didn't even know you should ask. I'm thankful Mary is sharing her years of experience and wisdom with those who endeavor the noble task of publishing a book.

Karol Ladd

Bestselling author of over 35 books including,

The Power of a Positive Woman

Finally! Someone has written the book I needed a long time ago! Publishing expert Mary Hollingsworth walks new authors through everything they need to know to turn their dreams into first-class finished books. I am thrilled to share this book with the writers I mentor. Her expertise, candor, and thorough approach to the publishing process is the best you'll ever see.

Jennifer Strickland

Author of Girl Perfect and Beautiful Lies

                                               Founder of Let's Write

Mary Hollingsworth knows what she’s talking about, having authored more than one hundred fifty traditionally published books and spent over thirty-five years in the publishing world. She is my “go to” for publishing advice every time, and this book makes her wisdom and experience more accessible to everyone who wants to be a successful author.

Rhonda Lowry

Editor, author, and literary copyright counselor

The First-Time Author's Survival Guide

Finally! Here are the reliable answers you need to your questions as a first-time (or seasoned) author about publishing the book you've written.

The First-Time Author's Survival Guide